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Matharu or Matharoo(ਮਠਾੜੂ in Gurmukhī script) is a prominent Sikh clan belonging to the Ramgarhia & Jatt tribe. Sir Denzil Ibbetson counted the Matharus as one of the major Tarkhan tribes of the Punjab and the Northwest Frontier Province, centred in Amritsar, Jalandhar, Lahore and Ludhiana.

Matharu were fierce Warriors, fought number of wars for PrithviRaj Chauhan & Jassa Singh Ramgharia.Some scholars believe that have originated originally from Mathura.They were originally part of the Jats from that region who emigrated to Punjab and took up carpentry.

Scholars such as H.A. Rose believe that they are descended from the Sakas, the Kushans and the Huns.


According to the Manu Smriti, they (the Sakas) are originally of Kshatriya descent. In Sanskrit, they are known as Ayogavas, which is more akin to Vaishyas, but are considered degraded Kshatriyas (like Jats, Gujjars etc).


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